Come join us Earth Teach only 20 mins outside of Ashland! Earth Team Labyrinth

We aim to make this a ZERO WASTE event. We follow the policy of PACK-IT-IN and PACK-IT-OUT. Please be respectful on this land, mindful of neighbors on the way in and out, and please, clean up after yourself.


The gathering is at EarthTeach Forrest Park which is only 20 minutes outside of downtown Ashland at mile marker 9 on Dead Indian Memorial Rd, Ashland, OR 97520.


YES we DO still have tickets! If/when we sell out we’ll post it then, but we STILL have tickets! However, this year we are only able to offer our Mystic experience to 200 participants (including musicians, staff & volunteers). Because of this, our smaller more intimate event this year is a big thank you for our closest friends and supporters over the years and we are asking that you RSVP on our website and we will email you a link to process your reservation(s) and buy your tickets. We’ve been careful not to advertise too much and although many have expressed interest we still haven’t sold out yet.

Children 12 and under attend for FREE.
Youth ages 13 – 16 attend for approximately HALF-PRICE of any adult ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to camp or is there lodging nearby?

There is no lodging in the immediate vicinity of the gathering, so this is a camping-only event.

If youʻre not into the camping experience, there are hotels in Ashland only 20 minutes away.

What should I bring for camping?

This is a camping event so bring all your own camping gear and accessories. If you come with an RV or Live-In Vehicle, there will be a designated area for you to park and stay. There will be healthy food provided for sale (2 group meals per day), snacks throughout, porta potties and hand-washing stations.

Is there water/food available or should I bring my own?

Bring your own reusable water bottle (or there may be one for sale! ). There will be great food and beverage vendors including raw foods/vegetarian/vegan/ vendors with amazing healthy deserts!

How does parking work?

Parking is in designated areas for day passes, overnight camping and RV’s. A nominal parking fee will be requested for each vehicle to “green the event” which will be greatly discounted or free for those who carpool (3 or more people).

Is there security at the event?

Yes, we have our own 24/7 Shanti-Sena security team on-site . However, you are still responsible for securing you own camping areas and we cannot be held responsible for any losses in those areas.

What Not to Bring


There is no selling of beer or alcohol at the gathering and we highly discourage its use. If you have a beer or glass of wine in your tent and are not “walking around with a beer in your hand,” you could probably drink unnoticed, however we highly discourage any intoxication and drunkenness. Our event is endeavoring to encourage us all to find lifestyle choices leading to a joyful life without the need of intoxicants to feel ‘high’ but rather to get ‘high on life’ with yoga, music, breathing, ecstatic dance and so forth.


We discourage the use of drugs of any kind except those prescribed by a doctor.


There are no dogs or animals permitted at the event.

More Info

Please see the other pages under the “Info” menu for more details. If none of this information has answered your questions feel free to email with your question