maesyn-2013-450w Classically trained in violin since age 4, Maesyn has dazzled audiences worldwide with her live performances. She composes inspiring, thought provoking music on piano and guitar, and sprinkles her violin and wickedly dexterous whistle throughout her performance, calling in birds and audience whistlers alike. Maesyn is well known for her fluid dancing, sultry vocal passion, fiery violin playing, dexterous whistle, quirky humor, intelligent lyricism, and natural musical magic. She is a firecracker of spontaneous exuberance on stage. Her enticing, playful, funky folky music and powerful presence meld together the expressive styles of artists like Norah Jones, Grace Slick, and Joss Stone. With music that draws from dynamic influences Рgypsy, folk, soul, hiphop, reggae and pop, Maesyn brings the best of all worlds to the table, and infuses her audience with her magical sizzle of inspiration and musical joy. The style of her musical performance fluxes dynamically, resembling a variety show, where she plays many instruments, in many styles, with many assemblies of talented friends. She also supports other musicians by singing harmonies and playing fiddle on their gigs. Her versatile skills and talents have placed her performing on stages all over the world with a host of celebrated musicians. At home performing on the largest stages or smallest street corners, Maesyn infuses her audience with sizzling sonic juju. Come melt with her, and swim around in the creative goodness of her musical activation station!